No FAQ's?

Instead of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), there appears to be a greater need to ask questions that aren’t popular or comfortable. These are honest questions and must be addressed sincerely and with input from all sides. Hence, the following “rarely asked questions” are those which animate the reason for having created blues4allah in the first place:

  1. What is Islamophobia?
  2. How is Islamophobia different than anti-Semitism and other forms of religious hatred?
  3. Is this website Islamophobic?
  4. What does Islam say about criticism?
  1. Aren’t all religions basically the same with regard to morality?
  2. There are many radical religious zealots of all stripes. How is Islamic Terror any different?
  3. Aren’t Muslims justified in violent jihad and other forms of resistance because of XYZ injustice that the West has committed?
  1. Have violent Islamic extremists misunderstood the true teachings of Islam by “hijacking” an otherwise peaceful and benign religion?
  2. What are the differences between “fundamentalist” versus “traditional” versus “progressive” Muslims? Does each group consider the others as valid?
  1. If the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful, why do some paint the entire faith as bad?
  2. Aren’t Muslims who practice violent jihad just a tiny minority of extremists?
  1. Are the tenets of Jihad and Sharia law optional components of the Islamic faith?
  2. Isn’t Jihad merely an “inner struggle”, simply referring individuals struggling to be better in this life?
  3. Does Islam view “co-existence” with other religions as a permanent and sustainable world view?
  1. Has Islam been tolerent and coexisted with other faiths in the past as well as the current world?
  2. What is a Dhimmi and is this evidence of Islam’s fair treatment of non-Muslims?
  3. Must Muslims disavow practicing “the Sharia” in order for Islam to be brought into a modern, inclusive and plural world?
  1. Does Islam lend itself to any type of “reformation” or progress to adapt to the modern world?
  2. Does Islam even need to be reformed so that it can peacefully coexist with other faiths?
  3. Isn’t it just “the Sharia” that needs to be jettisoned in order for Islam to be brought into the so-called modern world?
  1. Are the teachings of Islam consistent with and align to the concepts of liberty and freedom embodied in Western democracies, particularly the U.S. Constitution?
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