Why another site about Islam?

What is Blues4Allah?

Inquiry, Education and the Truth

Given the prevalence of Islam in today’s news, “blues4allah” was created as personal project with three objectives:

  1. Educate myself and others on Islam from all sides in order to clarify the truth.
  2. Include ever evolving opinions on current events with respect to politics and religion.
  3. Provide a venue for others to add their viewpoints and arguments in a civil setting.

While the content herein has been curated from a wide array of sources, the guiding principle has been to reference Islamic or otherwise “Muslim-friendly” publications.

Notes on the header-menu sections:

  • Texts: These are direct links to the recognized Islamic holy texts from Muslim websites.
  • Teachings: These are summaries culled from mainly Islam-friendly sites. The objective is to be non-biased and describe the teaching as presented in the actual texts of Islam while minimizing any “editorializing”.
  • History: These are brief reports of history by geographic region with respect to Islamic expansion, conquest and ongoing rule.
  • Topics: These posts follow a Socratic method of examination where hypotheses are identified, evidence from all sides is summarized, and then conclusions are drawn, based on the evidence.
  • Info: A diverse collection of information designed primarily for reference.

About Us

We are seekers of truth, irrespective of where it comes from. Our ancestors were of Middle Eastern and Phoenician origin — Therefore, with that heritage and connection to my past, we are motivated to really understand (to the extent it’s possible) the geo-political and ideological issues and the history that brought that troubled region to its current state. This is why we created blues4allah and welcome any and all productive exchange of ideas.
Who is Blues4Allah?
And yes, those who know something about American folk rock will recognize the blog’s title was taken from the Grateful Dead’s sleepy 1975 album. Why? Perhaps Bob Weir, in the last stanza of the title track, said it best:
“Let’s see with our heart
these things our eyes have seen and know the truth will still lie somewhere in between…”
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