Blues4Allah - The Crusades


The Crusades refer to a 200 year period between 1095 C.E. and 1291 C.E. Beyond those fairly established dates, everything else seems to be controversial and riddled with misconceptions. Nevertheless, the Crusades were a pivotal part of history and are still considered important and relevant in today’s world.


Blues4Allah - The Crusades


1095: Pope Urban’s Plea1096: The 1st Crusade
1147: The 2nd Crusade
1189: The 3rd Crusade
1202: The 4th Crusade
1213: The 5th Crusade
1229: The 6th Crusade
1248: The 7th Crusade
1270: The 8th Crusade
1271: The 9th Crusade
1365: The 10th Crusade



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